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Westford provides academic degrees and diplomas, professional certificate and diploma courses in partnership with fully accredited and reputed international awarding organizations and universities. Our taught programs range from Undergraduate level to Post Graduate level including Master’s Degrees and Post Graduate Diplomas including Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Extended Diploma; Graduate Programs including BA Honours in Business, Higher National Diplomas; Professional Certificate courses in industry and domain specific subject areas. Through our media school WIFT, we offer a broad portfolio of PG/UG programs in Film Making, Media and Broadcasting , Animation, Multimedia and Gaming.


Westford provides corporate training, customised tailor made bespoke training programs, open enrolment programs and Management Development Programs to the government and corporate firms. By virtue of our innate expertise in management, we engage to offer detailed and comprehensive consultancy services across a wide gamut of industries and sectors.


Westford provides K -12 Education related products, solutions and services which support formal learning at schools, tuition centres and individual students. We have partnered with leading product companies and educators in the field of K-12 education from Finland, India and UK to offer innovative programs. Our portfolio comprises of STEM education including math master, science enrichment and a robotics program, gaming products covering a vast skill tree and subject areas, summer school programs, accredited teacher training programs, and international study tours and symposiums for teachers and educators.

Our Partners

Westford prides its partnerships with reputed universities from UK, USA and awarding organizations from UK.