About Westford Education Group

Westford Education Group (WEG) has been established with an objective to fulfill the aspirations of learners with diverse backgrounds from across the globe to attain internationally accredited qualifications delivered in an easily accessible manner in the form of onsite and online learning interventions. Headquartered in the UK with an expansive presence in UAE and India through its 8 campuses, Westford is fast emerging as a reputed brand of global education providers.

Academic and Executive Education

This division provides academic degrees and diplomas, professional certificate and diploma courses partnering with fully accredited, reputed international awarding organizations and universities. The programs range from Master’s Degree and Post Graduate Diplomas including Master of Business Administration (MBA), Masters in Management (MAM), UK QCF Level 7 Post Graduate Diploma; Graduate Programs including BA Honours in Business, Higher National Diplomas and Certificates, Professional Certificate Courses in different management domains.

Corporate Training

Westford provides Corporate Training, which can be customized tailor made bespoke training programs, open enrolment programs and Management Development Programs to the government and corporate firms. Through its indigenous innate expertise in management, WEF also offers detailed and comprehensive consultancy services across a wide gamut of industries and sectors

K-12 & School Education

Westford provides K -12 Education related products, solutions and services which support formal learning at schools, tuition centres and individual students. WEG has partnered with leading product companies and educators in the field of K-12 education from Finland, India and UK to offer innovative programs. The portfolio comprises STEM education including maths master, science enrichment, robotic programs, gaming products covering vast skills and subject areas, summer school programs, Cache accredited Levels 1 to 5 Teachers and Support Staff training programs and also sports coaching and training services for swimming, badminton, athletics, football, basketball, volley ball and cricket.

Our Vision

To be the foremost and leading global provider of accredited, industry relevant qualifications which are flexible, accessible and affordable to the masses.

Our Mission

To provide access to quality higher education for masses across the globe and to contribute for the development of talent, empowering people through education and transforming lives of people around us thus making the world a better place to live

Our Core Values

  • Develop leadership skills of the students with high ethical values and standard, so that the students of Westford can be reliable and trustworthy in all walks of life.
  • Create a constructive learning atmosphere and experience, which will ensure that the students of Westford will learn more on their own to be intellectually sharp and ingenious.
  • Making best use of internationally available latest technology and resources to create network of contacts and opportunities for all the Westford students.
  • Involve proactively and productively with large established corporates to ensure that the students of Westford gain practical knowledge, which will broaden their horizons as well as upgrade their skills in their respective organizations.